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How to Make Money Following Tipsters and Commercial Betting Systems

One question seems to pop up quite often: Can you really make any money following the advice of tippers and the systems, strategies and methods sold online?

If you knew the answer to this question, you would not be here reading this article. Today I’m going to give you the definitive answer: YES ….., and NO.

It’s not so clear, but I agree and I’m sorry to be so ambiguous. Let me explain.

The truth is, we all have bought systems that were promoted by web-based marketing companies. We also probably bought some we found while surfing the net late at night. We fall for the easy money, quick buck promises. I am certain that I have been “sold” the dream more than once.

Most likely, you had some success with the newly promoted system at first, but profits slowed down quickly to the point where you were losing cash. You likely deleted the system from your computer and believed that you were being tricked by an internet marketer.

But, I want to assure you that not every system seller and online tipster is out to take your money. Because there’s a reason for a system’s poor performance. If you continue reading this lesson, I will show how to profit any system with an “edge” over market.

It is common for new systems to start out profitable but then, as the marketing juggernaut goes along and more copies of the system are sold, the prices are slowly eroded. Although Betfair’s markets may seem huge, it is easy to reduce prices. And as we all know price and value are key ingredients for making profits. For a system to become profitable, it takes only a slight swing in its price.

It is also true for tipsters. They are the best time to promote their latest results and everyone else jumps on the bandwagon as the “hottest tipster in town” when they hit a purple streak. Mr. Pricewise from The Racing Post is a good example. Every weekend he has a good time, it’s all over The Racing Post and the internet. People are eager to see his selections as they hit the streets at midnight on the night before racing. It is easy to lose track of his selections and the value they have quickly diminishes.

With all this in mind, let us take a closer look into commercially available gambling systems and see if we are better placed to make a profit from them.

Every week, emails about new systems arrive in our inboxes. Some of these systems have been tested on review sites similar to ours. And some appear to be profitable. You can lose if you attempt to do the same thing yourself. How could this be possible? Do the systems reviewers want to sneak one past you? Although some may, I believe you will agree that most are trustworthy sources of information 스포츠토토.

Many published systems are not functional. It is usually due to the seller failing to do his homework and preferring to make a profit by being lazy. We will generally give the thumbs down to a system that doesn’t have logic as its foundation. The system should have an underlying reason for its theoretical advantage.

Systems built on hair-brained ideas are not effective and will never succeed.

What about systems that have been tried and proven successful? You may be tempted to buy the system, but once you have started putting money down, it is losing or seems to be losing. Why?

As you probably know, a profitable system is one that takes advantage of the market. It identifies horses that are under-bet, which means better prices. Long-term profit is possible by betting horses at high prices compared to the chance of winning.

In the case with laying systems, the reverse is true. You will be directed towards horses that have high over-bets and are therefore difficult to resist on the exchanges.

Systematic betting has a low edge. This is due to the fact most systems are simple and were created using data and information that is already public. This is why it is hard to find a system which makes consistent profits.